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The Best Men's Grooming Stocking Stuffers Of 2021

The Best Men's Grooming Stocking Stuffers Of 2021

This holiday season, jam-pack those stockings with all the Bueno hair essentials needed to complete the ultimate grooming arsenal. Give the gifts a classy, well-kept gentlemen will love, at a price that won't break the bank!

Cologne Samples

Our deluxe sized sample set is the perfect way to try out all four of our amazing signature scents and provides an incredible fragrance selection to make sure the perfect scent is close at hand for any occasion. Pair this one up with a P&P gift card and let your giftee snag a full-size bottle of their favorite after as well!

Single Fragrances

Our four signature scents hit all the different notes and seasons and styles. Rebel is sexy and spicy, while Hero is crisp and clean. King is dashing and dapper, while Villain is warm and mysterious. With a signature scent for any pallet, dropping one of these in a stocking is a total no-brainer.


Salt is our natural sea salt spray that adds instant thickness, volume, and texture like you’ve never dreamed possible. The oil-absorbing pre-styler also combines with sea kelp to give hair a much-needed nourishing boost of hydration while providing a light soft hold. With two convenient sizes, both that will fit nicely in a stocking, and over 1500 five-star reviews, Salt is sure to be the hit of the holiday stocking.


Putty is hands down the best hair styling product for men on the planet. Our top-selling, award-winning styling aid provides a firm, yet pliable hold with just a dash of shine. No crunchiness or greasiness in our Putty either. Just pure Bueno hair awesomeness!

Safety Razor

Our classic twist-to-open butterfly safety razor provides all the old school class of a great razor, combined with the new school technology to make it super effective. The razor has excellent heft, perfect for balance, and its textured handle makes it easy to hold with wet and soapy hands. The butterfly opening makes it convenient to change-up blades. This one is a great stocking stuffer for the clean-shaven gent who appreciates a bit of class.

Stubble Buddy

The Stubble Buddy is the game-changing beard and manscaping vacuum tool that keeps hair trimmings from being a total mess after trimming a beard (sideburns, mustache, goatee, hair) or manscaping down the hedges. This best-in-class grooming tool will no doubt be your giftees new bathroom buddy and is sure to be a hit. No more clogged drains, beard bibs, wasted tissues, or angry significant others!

Nose Hair Trimmer

A great nose hair trimmer is one of the most important tools needed to complete a gentlemen’s grooming arsenal... and ours is the best nose hair trimmer for men, period! Easily eliminate nose, ear, eyebrow, and facial hair without the tugging and pulling of traditional methods. If you know a gentleman that doesn’t have a nose hair trimmer, or even worse, has a bad one, this is the gift for them!

Manicure Set

Our professional 8-piece manicure kit comes complete with all the tools needed to easily and effectively get fingernails in tip-top shape. All the tools are durable and effective, and are made of high-quality stainless steel. This set is designed to impress and is a valuable and necessary piece to the grooming puzzle.

Hair Brush Or Comb

The backbone of truly Bueno Hair is having an amazing hair brush or comb; and we’ve left no stone unturned. Regardless of hair type, length, style, or texture, we have the perfect brush and comb for any gent.  We have compact sizes for travel, designated beard and mustache combs, and unrivaled barbershop quality designs for all our hair brushes. All of which will fit nicely in that stocking!

Facial Scrubber

Our facial scrubber is the most effective and gentle way to cleanse your face, unclog pores, remove dead skin, extract stubborn blackheads, and eliminate and prevent acne breakouts. Not only that, but it also provides a super relaxing massage in the process! Toss this one in the stocking with confidence.

Body Wash

Every dude needs an amazing body wash in their grooming arsenal. It’s way better than using a bar of soap that gets nasty sitting in the shower. All five of our amazing body washes leave skin feeling healthy, hydrated, and smelling like a million bucks. These are hands down the best men's body washes on the planet. Pair it with a shower loofah or body scrubber to complete this incredible stocking stuffer.


Powder quickly, effectively, and safely absorbs moisture and sweat while protecting the body from chafing, friction, and irritation for long-lasting, all-day comfort. Our premium talc-free blend not only absorbs sweat and eliminates odor but also provides an incredibly fresh and clean soothing sensation. Perfect for the guy who likes to break a sweat. Give the gift of comfort this holiday season.

Travel Sprayer

The refillable container is lightweight and compact and is without a doubt, the best stocking stuffer on the planet. The travel sprayer has a special pump hole on the bottom that goes into the cologne spray tip nozzle. Pump it a few times and easily take a signature scent on the go to smell amazing anywhere, without having to lug around an entire bottle of fragrance. 

Bueno Hair Set

The deluxe-size samples kit includes our two-tag team duos (Clean/Condition & Putty/Salt) all combined into one amazingly priced starter set and is perfect for guys totally new to our brand or these products. Also, the kit is great for the road as all the products come in travel-friendly/deluxe sample size. Stuff your gentleman’s stocking with everything he’ll need for truly Bueno hair with this incredible set!

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