The Legend of Pete & Pedro

As legend has it (told by my pop-pop), the story of Pete & Pedro is a tale of two best friends… Pete and his loyal donkey Pedro, the donkey with bueno hair. Approximately 100 years ago, there was a boy named Pete. Well, Pete was given two things by his father before his untimely demise in a freak jalapeno harvesting accident – a donkey named Pedro and his father’s unmanageable hair (genetics are a bitch sometimes). Now, this is where the story gets a little fuzzy, and has caused a few disagreements over the years about what happened next, but essentially it went something like this:

Normally, donkeys have short, coarse, bristly manes, but not Pedro. Pedro had a remarkably gorgeous mane that was soft and silky to the touch. It wasn’t too dry and it wasn’t too oily, but was always perfect! It was so extraordinary that Pete would ride Pedro around town everyday, passing the time caressing his marvelous mane. But one day when Pete was having a particularly bad hair day, he looked to the heavens, clenched his little fists and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Why is my hair so bad, and my donkey Pedro’s so bueno?” Apparently, Pedro had a little secret to why his mane was so tame, and sensing his friend’s frustration, he showed Pete his secret. At first, Pete thought for sure his good buddy was just trying to ease the emotional distress a lifetime of bad hair tends to cause, but he figured he’d give Pedro’s secret a try. Lo and behold, since that day, Pete has maintained bueno hair of his very own!

Two Amigos Making Great Products for OUR Amigos!

Pete & Pedro is the brain fart of Aaron Marino (me) of Alpha M., and my friend and stylist Stephen Posta of Dyer & Posta Salon. One magical morning, as I sat in Stephen’s chair getting my hair *did*, we were having our normal chat about nuclear physics and the migration habits of the Monarch Butterflies when our conversation took a fateful left turn.


I asked Stephen if he had tried any new men’s hair styling products that were worth a crap. Stephen sighed deeply and told me that, indeed, he had tried numerous new styling products, but, unfortunately, none of them were worth a crap. I then shared my recent experience with a product I tried that worked fairly well but smelled like what I could only describe as a donkey turd.

And that is when it hit me like Ike Turner! I asked Stephen if he had any connections in the hair product manufacturing business. Apparently, there are some perks that come along with owning one of the top 100 salons in the country! After months of formulation, reformulation, and trial and error, we struck grooming gold and Pete & Pedro were born.

Pete & Pedro offers a line of men’s hair styling products that meet Stephen’s professional standards, as well as my own regular dude needs. P&P is the happy marriage of salon quality products with a fun and quirky personality.